Bikes and Biscuits

| Saturday, July 3, 2010

Loveless Cafe - Hwy 100 Nashville, TN  

Part of the journey is the food. We are not what we call those who "Ride to eat, eat to ride" kind of riders. But we do like to find those local (or not-so-local) food joints on our rides. Loveless Cafe was one of them. What a cool place. It used to be an old motel and cafe on Hwy. 100 outside of Nashville. Not on a main stretch of a road by any means, but it seemed to get it share of business.

What says Southern Hospitality like a plate of biscuits and jelly? It seems that is what Loveless Cafe is famous for. We enjoyed our dinner at the end of a long riding day of nearly 750 miles. We were getting close to our first days destination and Loveless Cafe was a welcome site for these riders.

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