Blogging iPhone style

| Saturday, November 29, 2008

My first mobile blog, thanks to Isaac. I hope eveyone had a nice holiday. We had tons of fun with our family in Kansas and several days trout fishing and camping on the White River. I will attempt to post photos from our trip.

We got to see a bald eagle swoop down on front of us and grab a trout from the river. He was pretty far away but I got a few photos. Will have to post these from home.

Cutie Pie

| Friday, November 21, 2008

Summer Rose - 4 months

I didn't take this photo of my newest niece, but it is too precious not to share.

We are spending the holidays with family, so we wish you all the best during the holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving and if you are feeling blue for any reason, just think of this little smiling face. It should cheer you up.

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More Hot Air

| Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Kiss

Just another photo of hot air balloons. This is what they call a "kiss"-when two balloons touch in mid-air.

I figured you may need another pretty picture after reading about canned meat.

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Potted meat and other weird-ass shit


As I mentioned, I've been feeling a little under the weather lately. You know, that feeling when nothing sounds good. You just wish someone would put you out of your misery with a .22 between the eyes. The flu perhaps...I don't know, but I am glad it's almost gone.

Last night, I found myself on a Wal-Mart aisle, which so happened to be the canned meat aisle. (Just the name sounds disgusting.) I was waiting for Chris to catch up, when I found myself staring at those tiny cans of potted meat.

I wouldn't exactly put potted meat on my list of comfort foods, but just days before my dad and I were discussing how my mother liked potted meat sandwiches and vienna sausage on camping trips and picnics. So as a comfort food, maybe potted meat just reminded me of my mom for few minutes.

As I examined the cans of deviled ham, and wondered why they still wrapped the cans in paper (and maybe even why they ever started the practice), I compared the prices. $1.44 for a paper-wrapped can of "Deviled ham" compared to 27-32¢ for "potted meat". Maybe it just looks fancier, but to the best of my recollection, they taste pretty much the same.

(Apparently Chris had fallen really behind as I had time for all this contemplation.)

I felt compelled to purchase that little can of meat just to feel close to my mom again. I figured the extra nickel would be well spent for the 32-cent Armour potted meat versus the 27-cent Great Value. Better quality meat maybe, or at least I hoped.

Now, I began to debate, did my mom eat it with Miracle Whip or mustard? Even being sick, it was beginning to sound kind of good.

I wasn't sure if I actually wanted to eat it, or if having the little can around would be my comfort. But I came home tonight and figured OK, I'll try it. I elected for the mustard combo on white bread. Not bad. It was comforting, like a little piece of my mom was here again.

As I sat and ate my little half sandwich of processed canned meat, my dog Scooter was going crazy, jumping around like she was on crack. I figure, basically, she thought I was eating her food.

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Just a pretty picture


From the inside looking out - Hot Air Balloon

Needed to break up some of the text, so here is a cool photo I took of the inside of a hot air balloon.

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I feel like a dope - Napa's in California


Ok, I haven't read some of my posts for a while. I was just going back over a few just see what I wrote.

Back in the original post of Out of Africa, I made a "Napa" comment. I must have been crazy with fever. Sorry about that. I changed it.

No one had to point it out. I figured out my own moronic mistake. I had to just point out my supidity to the world. Claim it, bless it and release it.

No matter how right I am when it comes to arguments between me and my husband-I guess I can make a mistake here and there. At least I am woman enough to admit it.

So, forgive the mistakes in any of the perfect as I wish I was, I'm not.

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| Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sorry, I admit I've been slacking lately. I really haven't taken any photos that I am extremely proud of lately. Been busy at work, a little under the weather and redecorating a bathroom.

I was just taking a bath, thinking about what a slacker I've been, wondering if anyone is still reading this, and thought...Oh what the hell. I have a bunch of photos that for whatever reason I like and can't explain. Photos of people,who I have no idea who they are but just happened to be a shot that I like. Random shots of the clouds, a photo that didn't quite come out they way I expected, but like it any ways.

I have taken photos on vacations and trips. Passerbys and other tourist who just happened to be a head of me and in front the lens. And for some reasons of lighting, color, composition, or other phenomenon, I like the photo.

Climbing out of Mesa Verde, Colorado 2007

These ladies were ahead of me at Mesa Verde. They were climbing the ladder out of the dwelling ahead of me and liked the lighting in the photo. This was taken just after I took the storm clouds over Mese Verde photo below. It just seemed to be some really nice photos on that trek.

Clouds over the Million Dollar Highway - Ouray, Colorado

The sun peaking through clouds directly overhead. We were riding from Silverton to Ouray somewhere near a place called Red Mountain or something like that. You can see the peak of the mountain in the lower right. I just aimed the camera overhead and clicked. This is what came out.

On Deck - Cruise ship to Cozumel

Just exploring by myself at sunset aboard the cruise ship. This was after a day of snorkling and finally setting foot in another country - even if it was Mexico. It was a cruise with my sister, Tracey. I left her in the cabin (taking a nap) and I wondered around by myself. Guess I am glad I didn't fall overboard-she would have never known what happened to me.

Swim Deck - Cruise Ship Ecstasy

More People I don't know - On Deck

Self portrait 1 - On Deck

Another Self portrait - On Deck

This was taken just after the first self portrait. For some reason I like it. It is not the best example of composition, lighting , color but something makes me like it. It was really windy up there. This is the highest, and most forward part of the ship. I had to brace myself against the railing to keep from getting blown away. Just to show you how windy it was, just look at my hair being blown at 90 degree angle from my head, and my hair is not that long.

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Fashion and history

| Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not to sound shallow, but who told Michelle Obama that would be the dress she'd like to be pictured in for such a historic moment? Really? Really.

Otherwise, Michelle has shown impeccable taste.

Wow! Is this what the 60s feel like?


I woke up this morning to a new world it seemed. As I dressed and thought about what happened last night. I had to think, Is this what it felt like when Kennedy was elected? Is this the same hope everyone pinned on JFK and his young family?

I couldn't help but walk a few inches off the ground when I readied for work. The world is looking better since I went to bed. I am happy for our country, and wish the best for Mr. Obama and pray for his safety.

Today I a post written by people that I assumed were intelligent beings. How in the world can these people remain so idiotic. They write that America needs to taken back by the Christians (and to hell with Muslims and Obama---REALLY?), and we need to pray for God's help.

Perhaps people are praying and God answered on Nov. 4, 2008. Just because he didn't give them the answer they wanted to hear didn't mean he didn't answer. I am not a very religious person. I am not a very political person, but I choose to believe that God doesn't answer idiots.

If you going to go out a limb for what you believe, don't you think it would be wise to make sure you're correct? No, not these people. They want to spread vicious rumors and keep them alive to scare people into believing they have God on their side.

WWJD? Hell, I think he would have done what I did...he would have voted for Obama.

As my friend the Token Liberal says, "I feel like we've been trapped in the back seat of a cab driven at high rates of speed through some bad neighborhoods by a drunken cab driver.

Last night, the keys were handed over to a grown up..."